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Clubs and Societies Listings - Australian and New Zealand

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This listing has been sorted alphabetically by State (Australia) and Island (NZ) and Club Name, in that order. There are bound to be some problems with the list but it is as up-to-date as we know it. Club Secretaries, please check your club’s entry for accuracy, or if it is not listed please inform AME as soon as possible. The list is mostly kept up-to-date from information supplied in club newsletters, except in instances where we are contacted directly. Many newsletters do not contain such basic information as public running days, hence the entries marked "unknown".

Some clubs are listed as "No public running", however, most welcome visiting model engineers. The protocol is to contact the club first and arrange a mutual time for your visit. Members of clubs with AALS insurance are reminded that they should inform their home club of their intention to visit other clubs.

Affiliated with the AALS www link facebook link Email Link 2-1/2 inch elevated track 2-1/2 inch elevated track 2-1/2 inch elevated track 3-1/2 inch elevated track 5 inch gauge Track 7-1/4 inch gauge Track
AALS Affiliated Clubs
Clubs with a web site / facebook page or email
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Track Gauges available at the club.

Each club entry has several dot points under the club name (if yours is incorrect let us know!), They indicate :-

  •  Location of miniature railway or other activity
  •  Public running days
  •  Postal address
  •  GPS Co-ordinates
  •  AMBSC Boiler ID Code

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