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Model Engineering is a popular leisure-time activity worldwide and that popularity continues to grow at an amazing rate. Model engineers come from all types of backgrounds and occupations. They are generally a very friendly bunch of people, who are always ready to help others, especially newcomers to the hobby.the australian model engineering magazine caters for all interests in model engineering, including RC boats, planes, trains, traction engines and more!ame also has practical workshop projects and theoryame also has practical construction projects to assist you in development of your interest
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Model Engineering Gallery

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2008 Miniature Traction Engine Rally
Clare Valley Model Engineers, Claire, S.A

Click on the thumbnail for a larger view...   (The larger images range from 140k - 200k each)

gallery image gallery image gallery image gallery image
Alan Grubb tows his scale Furphy water cart behind his 3" scale Cliff & Bunting engine John Levers proudly holds the AME trophy which he won for his Simplicity roller Ken Preiss' 1.5" scale Allchin spent the weekend driving a miniature thresher The local vintage car club had some of their interesting items on display
gallery image gallery image gallery image gallery image
Glenn Roennfeldt's 3" scale Burrell engine is an outstanding model with a high level of finish This 7.25" CLP is one of the locos operated by the host club, Clare Valley Model Engineers John Oliver seems to be a bit puzzled which way to go on his 2.5" freelance engine John Weidenhofer takes June Levers for a run behind his 3" Allchin
gallery image gallery image gallery image gallery image
Bob Neal's 6" Ransomes Sims & Jefferies was the biggest engine at the rally A line up of the engines present after the Grand Parade on the Saturday Gary Aitken's 4" Foden traction engine is always nicely turned out This was the first outing for Mark Mills' Case traction engine modelled on a US prototype
gallery image gallery image gallery image gallery image
Tony Morgan's 3" Marshall roller has been built as a convertible, also runs as a traction engine Leigh Buckley's little Marshall was the smallest engine to run on the rally field Joe Timkiv's 3" Durham & North Yorkshire engine is another well executed model Ian Arstall is making good progress with his 3" Burrell traction engine.