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The End of an Era

Sadly, the Australian Model Engineering magazine has come to an end. The growth of the digital world and in particular social media has finally taken its toll, and like many other magazines AME has now fallen victim. Issue 214 (Jan-Feb 2021) which was mailed on Tuesday (15th) is the final one. For details of that issue please go to the CURRENT ISSUE page.

To those who have supported AME over the years, we thank you. Over the last 33 years you have shared with us and your fellow model engineers your wonderful models, times of fun and sadness and thousands of interesting articles. It has been a great ride.

Now that publication of the magazine has ceased, we will, over the next few months, be winding up the Company. We are doing our very best to minimize any inconvenience to you, and therefore you will need to note the following arrangements:

Subscription refunds: Beginning on January 4th we will be automatically refunding the unused portion of all your subscriptions. If you paid by card it will be refunded to that card, if you paid by cheque or money order we will send you a cheque. We ask you to bank those cheques promptly because the bank account will be closed at the end of February. You don't need to do anything except advise us if your card details have changed since you paid your subscription.

Wombat - E & J Winter have been our exclusive stockist of all Wombat items since the project began. They will be operating a subscription list and continuing to provide this service as well as the ongoing articles and drawings, so Wombat builders will not miss out. Details at

AME Retail - Once again, E & J Winter have stepped in and will continue to supply the following items:
422 Manual and castings
Blowfly Manual
Model Injector book
Golden Arrow.
Back Issues of AME (from January 29)

AMBSC Boiler Codes - E & J Winter, SMEX and Model Engineering Supplies already stock these.

AME Website - The AME website will continue to operate until January 29th so anyone who has missed out the latest issue (Jan-Feb 2021) can still obtain it through the Back Issues page, along with any other Back Issues. After January 29 you will be able to purchase Back Issues from E & J Winter.

All contact with AME from now on is to be via the administration office at or phone 0407 925 784.

Once again, thank you for all your support and we wish you many years of happy modelling.

David Proctor
Managing Director
On behalf of the Board of Directors.

 Australian Model Engineering Magazine

Australian Model Engineering Magazine current issue cover

   Final Issue No.214

Some highlights of the final issue out now...

2420 - A Tribute to Lost Friends.

    A look at the background history of this loco.

The Idiot's Guide To 3D Drawing - Part 2.

    CAD drawing for beginners - the easy way.

Russian B4 Heavy Howitzer

    Steve's final military model... a masterpiece!

A Better Scrap Box

    A great way to store your odd bits of material.

Teflon Piston Valves

    Piston valves made easy.

Early Leak Detection - While constructing a copper boiler

    Now here's a great idea!

A TIG Tungsten Grinding Attachment

    A great way to sharpen the Tig tips.

Emergency Stop for DNC controllers

    Stopping your electric loco made easier.

The Locomotive Front End

    A closer look at the smokebox innards.

Lathe Cover - An anti-rust cover for my Hafco AL335 lathe

    An interesting way to keep rust at bay.

Tap and Die Caddie

    A very handy item for your workbench.

A Tip for turning Teflon

    Using a commercial tip tool.

Straight Lines of Evenly Spaced Rivets

    An easy way to get those rivet holes lined up.

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